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(To purchase a private session please scroll to the bottom of this page. Once sessions have been paid for, please contact Lee or email to schedule a time for your treatment.)

Sound has been used for thousand of year.

Sound balances the mind and naturally allows the body to regenerate at a cellular level, enhancing our ability to enter a deeper meditative state.

The sound of crystal vibrations can open up brain pathways, awaken the synapses of the brain, the neural system and can help us to reach a deeper connection to our spirit and higher self. 

The Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are made with 99.992% high quality, pure quartz crystal which makes their sound incredibly resonant. Not only can you hear the pure tones they produce, but you can also feel them flow throughout your body.
Their powerful resonance effects certain parts of the body including the endocrine glands, bone, fascia, muscle, and the nervous system.
When a crystal bowl is played, certain cells wake up and this can allow a release of physical as well as emotional pain.
Each bowl is unique, the different notes and infused elements of the alchemy crystal singing bowls produce powerful healing vibrations.
Being bathed and surrounded by their sounds you begin to tune into your multi-dimensional self, rebalance your cells and open up the mind and body to receive.
The harmonic frequencies of the bowls help promote healing, introspection and deep relaxation.
Sound meditation can positively affect all of our energy receptors.  
In balancing the chakras, this naturally allows the body to connect to it's own healing ability and reach a deeper connection to our higher self.

Crystal singing bowl sound therapy is a truly restorative experience for mind, body and spirit.  

A sound bath is an immersive, meditative experience.  

Sessions held biweekly please message me for the schedule or see Facebook

Space is limited so please book ahead.
Please bring your own Yoga mat (The studio has a limited supply of yoga mats if you do need to borrow a mat)
and you may wish to bring a blanket, pillow and Journal.
There are plenty of blankets and bolsters also available at the studio to help you be as comfortable as possible for the meditation.

It is recommended the you drink plenty of water before and after the event to stay hydrated as the body can go through a detoxification process.

I Look forward to sharing the magic of sound with you all in this deeply restorative meditation.
@Grow Yoga, Movement and Massage 
441 King Street (upstairs above Savages)
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