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 At Energy in Motion, we offer several different Pilates mat class options:

  • a Foundations Class
  • a Flow class 

Both Foundation and Flow classes can be challenging in different ways. Slow doesn't necessarily mean easy, and Flow doesn't mean sloppy or disconnected!

 Foundations Mat Class

The Pilates foundations class is where we take more time in the class to go over the correct set up to get into the exercises and the correct connections you should feel within the exercises.

Current Foundation Classes:

  • Wednesday's at 5.45pm at Energy in Motion Studio - ongoing weekly class

Flow Mat Class

The Pilates flow class involves working with a moderate pace through the intermediate Classical repertoire, whilst still maintaining focus and control of form and technique. A warm and sweaty workout! 

Current Flow Classes:

  • Wednesdays 7:30pm at Breathing Space Yoga - ongoing weekly class            To Register, click here: Breathing Space Yoga


     Small group Apparatus Pilates Classes also are now available - Please contact for more information.   


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