Animal Healing


I have always felt an enormous affinity to be amongst animals and wildlife whenever possible.

Animals would often make me cry and I would be a blubbering mess at any sign of pain or cruelty. I always wanted to be a vet but really I knew I was too much of an empath to cope with the day to day reality of veterinary care. So I focused on the human body, physical therapy and understanding human pain and made a career here, this felt safer. 

Through my journey of working in healthcare and wanting to better understand the human body, I ended up studying animal communication. 

As my first companion dog as an adult was in his last few weeks of his life, I realized just how much he was communicating to me his wants and needs in this last stage of his earthly incarnation. It was a very painful but also very beautiful process, and I will never forget how much he taught me.

After his passing I signed up for an animal communication course. Even though I was a in the grief process and very emotional throughout the weekend, this gave me an open heart and a thirst for more. Subsequently, I immersed myself more deeply in animal communication,  firs in Ireland with horses and then on an adventure trip to South Africa. There, I studied with Loseje Jacob, one of the leading teachers of animal communication and BodyTalk for animals. 

In South Africa we embodied animal communication for ten solid days, connecting with the earth, with wild horses, with safari animals.  We also visited Jane Goodall’s Chimpeze Sanctuary and the amazing White lions in Timbavati. These ten days changed my whole world.  

As a child, I was fortunate enough to have a mother that allowed us to have many pets, and I realize now that I always felt I understood them and heard their thoughts and feelings. Those 10 days in South Africa showed me how to connect with this again.

Being able to hear the messages from animals and our domestic pets is not difficult--anyone can truly do this.  All that's required is a willingness to open up your heart and clear any pain that may be clouding this gateway of communication, allowing an openness and flow. Although often this is easier said then done.

Through my education in the subtle language of our animals, I have learnt to better understand the behaviour of children and adults too. 

We are all sentient and sensitive beings--some more then others. But this is especially the case for animals, and children on the autism spectrum. Learning to understanding this subtler forms of communication that our animals and children express, opens up an entirely new world of awareness and connection. 

I believe there is no bad behviour from an animal or child but misunderstood communication and built up energy needing to express itself and be heard. 

I am always amazed how quickly and animals behaviour, anxiety and disease can shift , just having their story heard by another being willing to listen.

Allowing your world to connect in this way can bring in the magic.