Crystal Sound Healing


A sound bath is an immersive, meditative experience.  

The sound of crystal vibrations can open up brain pathways, awaken the synapses of the brain, the neural system, and can open our spirit too.

Every crystal bowl has a different note, so each bowl connects to a different part of our energy system. Certain notes affect certain parts of the body, the endocrine glands, bone, fascia, muscle, and the nervous system.

When a crystal bowl is played, certain cells wake up, and this can cause physical pain to be released

A Sound bath meditation can positively affect all of your energy centres.  Sound balances the chakras and naturally allows the body to regenerate at the cell level, enhancing our ability to meditate at a deeper level.

The harmonic frequencies of the bowls promote healing, introspection and deep relaxation. Crystal singing bowl sound therapy is a truly restorative experience for mind, body and spirit.