Group Pilates Mat Classes

Fully Equipped Pilates Apparatus Studio Opening January 2019!


At Energy in Motion, we offer several different Pilates mat class options, a Foundations Class, and a Flow class.  Both Foundation and Flow can be challenging in different ways. Slow doesn't necessarily mean easy, and Flow doesn't mean sloppy!

Foundations Mat Class

This is where we will take more time in the class to go over the set up and connections you should find and feel within the exercises.  

Current Foundation Classes:

  •  Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Grow Yoga, Movement & Massage

$20 drop-in fee OR 

To Register for the full 6-week series (one class per week) for $90 CLICK HERE


  • Thursdays at 10:15am at Kingswood Gym

To register, call Kingswood Gym at 506 444-9501


Flow Mat Class

The flow classes will focus more on trusting the connections are there and having more flow through exercises, while working at a faster pace. 

Current Flow Classes:

Wednesdays 7:30pm at Breathing Space Yoga

To Register, click here: Breathing Space Yoga