Myofascial Release Workshop Level One

Energy in Motion Myofascial Release Workshop Level One

"When I first learned the science of fascia and the impact it can have on the body, I suddenly saw the human body in a powerfully new way.  This perspective revolutionized my approach to teaching, and to delivering therapy.”

Are you a Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher, Kinesiologist, energy worker or fitness specialist with a desire to deepen your practice and to enhance the results you can achieve for your clients? 

Or do you want to learn and better understand your own body and have tools to help yourself with managing your body and its wellbeing? 

Myofascial Release has exploded on the therapeutic scene with an unprecedented impact and is recognized as one of the most effective forms of healthcare therapy (John F. Barnes).

Fascia is the body’s connective tissue.  It is interwoven through every muscle, nerve, blood vessel and organ. When fascia is tight and distorted, it affects every part of the body.  

Understanding the fascia in the body and the dynamic effect it has on the mind and body opens up a whole new way of seeing and feeling. 

This intensive, experiential one-day workshop will teach you how to understand the body in a revolutionary way and will help you identify, treat and release fascia, empowering you to



  • facilitate movement much more effectively 
  • get more from your body in exercise or in stretching
  • allow your understanding and inutution to better connect with your body or others
  • explore a different approach to overcome pain or restrictions
  • increase strength, flexibility, range of motion and emotional equilibrium


Core elements of the workshop will include: 


  1. The science and principles of what fascia is, how it works, and how to access it in the body. 
  2. Understanding the dynamic effects of fascia—how fascia connects the entire body system, and why the old way of understanding anatomy and the body systems is incomplete
  3. Hands-on methods for self-release of fascia 
  4. How to identify and work with fascia during movement sequences like Yoga, Pilates and other modalities
  5. Energy-based methods for releasing fascia using mind and intention, and the science behind the fascia/emotion connection


The workshop will also include a group movement session and a Sound Bath meditation, allowing us to collectively tune into how fascia responds to changes with sound frequency.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

A vegetarian lunch is included.  


Date: Saturday, November 17th, 10am-5pm


Location: Energy in Motion Studio, 133 Old Mill Road, Island View


Investment: $250


Completion of the workshop will give participants level 1 Energy in Motion Myofascial Release certification (a prerequisite for Level 2 Going in Deep with Fascia). 


Teacher: Lee Miller.  

Lee has over 17 years’ experience in bodywork and movement therapy and is trained as a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist & Kinesiologist and Classical Pilates Instructor.

My journey of wanting to deeper understand the mind and the body and why at times it can let us down, has taken me through many different trainings and different approaches to therapy. Myofascial release is one of the most powerful tools I use on a daily basis both in my own body and for others. I am excited to share my knowledge of this powerful approach to wellness.