Private Pilates Apparatus Classes

Fully Equipped Pilates Apparatus Studio on the Northside of Fredericton

Did you know that Pilates on the mat represents only 10% of the Pilates Method? 

Pilates was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to be taught one-on-one with the use of Pilates' apparatus. 

Energy in Motion's beautiful studio in Island View, New Brunswick, is equipped with apparatus designed according to Joseph Pilates' original specifications, by Edgar Tirado, which many believe is the gold standard of Pilates apparatus. 

Engaging one-on-one with the Pilates Method using the Reformer and Tower most closely resembles the original work of Joe Pilates, and represents one of the most effective ways to transform the body and mind.  

The springs of the apparatus allow the muscles of the body to fully activate and strengthen while lengthening, unwinding the joints, energizing the body and leading to a more balanced physique, reduced pain, and greater fluidity, range of motion and grace. 

Head Instructor Lee Miller is always studying, learning and adjusting how she delivers her Pilates classes to ensure her clients get the most out of every session, and the most out of their bodies. 

Investment: $65 per private session or $500 for an 8-session package.


To book a private session with Lee, Please contact her here.