Group Sound Bath - Bi weekly Friday's at 7pm @  Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Group Sound Bath - Bi weekly Friday's at 7pm @ Breathing Space Yoga Studio

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Connect to your higher self through vibrational healing.

A sound bath is an immersive, meditative experience.
The sound of crystal vibrations can open up brain pathways, awaken the synapses of the brain, the neural system, and our spirit gateway.

Have you ever lost sense of your body when you meditate? You loose sense of your hands and feet first, then slowly one by one the rest of the body vanishes and you realize we really are just atoms floating in space, organized in the form of this human body and it's existence. We are just organized energy because the mind directs us to be that.
Amongst the swirl, our breath, spirit and vibration remain true... everything else is just part of the reality that we create to exist.
The reality is that we get to choose what we allow to exist within our mind and in this human experience.
To change we have to shake things up and realize what we no longer wish to create or allow to exist in our energy field.
We get to choose in this lifetime!

Unlock your human potential with Alchemy Crystal Sound Therapy. The healing vibrations bring a unique, gentle but powerful healing experience, offering purification, healing and inner spiritual guidance.

Sound balances the chakras & shakes up the body.
The vibrational shift can encourage the body to regenerate at a cellular level, enhancing our ability to enter a meditative state. The harmonic frequencies of the bowls promote healing, introspection & deep relaxation.

Come along and surround yourself in the deeply relaxing harmonic frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal singing bowls along with Tibetan bowls for a mind, body & spirit restorative experience.

For the meditation, you may wish to bring a yoga mat, blanket and journal.
The studio has a limited supply of yoga mats and blankets to borrow.

It is recommended the you drink plenty of water before and after the event to stay hydrated as the body can go through a detoxification process.

I Look forward to sharing the magic of sound with you all in this deeply restorative meditation.

E: or T: 506 440 6945 or reserve your space via our facebook page

Location: Breathing Space Yoga Studio - 899 Prospect Street, , Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 2T7