Transformation Package

Transformation Package

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(After you have purchased your package, please contact Lee or email to schedule session times.)

The pressures and challenges of contemporary life can leave us strained and depleted, unsure of what step to take to get things back on track, and maybe even confused as to which track is the right one!

The transformation package takes the pressure off, allowing you to be nurtured on every level, creating space in your life for healing, releasing old patterns that are no longer serving you, and allowing for a recalibration and re-integration of body and mind. 

Lee Miller will be your guide throughout this journey, and will gently and compassionately facilitate your beautiful evolution.

The transformation package includes:

  • One Kinesiology and Health assessment
  • One BodyTalk Energy work session
  • One Myofascial Release session
  • Three private Pilates sessions
  • One group sound bath meditation

Slow down, take stock, and move into a life that is calmer, more centred, and more spiritually and physically aligned with your truth.